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Well Pumps 101


- There are two major components to your well system. It's your well pump, and your well tank. The pumps job is to pump up water to your tank, and your tanks job is to store & pressurize your water so your pump can cool down properly.

There is a pressure switch on your well tank. That switch will tell the pump to turn on at a certain level (psi) and off at a certain level. What pressurizes the water is an air bladder bag inside of the tank. Water, getting pumped in, squeezes in with that air bag. The more water you squeeze in, the higher the pressure.

Once that air bladder bag gets worn, it will crack and wont be able to hold air anymore. Once water finds its way into the air bladder bag, your doomed. The water sometimes is stuck inside the bag forever and is impossible to drain without dissecting the tank. Those tanks are "water logged". 

Then once your tank is broken, your pump will not operate properly. It doesn't have that cushion of air anymore, so it has to work extra hard to pressurize your plumbing and the pump will be forced to turn on & off, on & off "short-cycling" the motor, eventually causing pump failure.

The take-away from this is to KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR WELL TANK. A bad well tank = a blown out pump. One day, you will wake up with no water and have to get your well pump replaced. And once we turn the new pump on, we will realize your tank is water logged, which caused the pump to short cycle, which caused the pump failure! You don't want to be billed for a new pump and then have to have a new tank installed.


Submersible well pump, or Jet well pump?

 Do you have a submersible well pump or a jet well pump? Do you know the difference?

 A submersible well pump is the type of well pump that is actually placed down the well to a certain depth.. Anywhere from 30' - 1000'+!

 A jet well pump is a pump that is placed inside of your house, or near the well tank. These pumps are able to suck up water to about 120' or so.

Submersible pumps are superior because they require less maintenance, you never need to prime them, you can get far better pressure, the list goes on. However, not all wells can handle a submersible pump. To determine weather your well can handle a submersible well pump requires some investigation and testing. 

Water filters?

Yes, yes, yes! YES to water filters, we always recommend a dirt / rust / sediment filter for ALL well water systems. It will save you in the long run, believe me. You may not realize it, but there IS sediment in your water. As tiny as it may be, it builds up over time. Clogging your plumbing like cholesterol clogging up an artery. One day, your plumbing will take a "heart attack", and you'll lose your water pressure due to a blockage in your plumbing. 

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