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Our Products

Well Pumps

Well pumps are our specialty. We ONLY use the highest quality products because whats the sense of doing the job if your not going to do it right?

We are both an authorized Goulds & Myers pump dealer. Both pumps are stainless steel from top to bottom, offer the highest quality and state of the art pumping technology.

Not all pumps are the same. We stock 8 different pumps in our truck at all times to ensure we have the right one to match your specific well!

Water Filters

Water filters are so important with well water systems. Most people don't realize, but there are TONS of microscopic particles in your water. Weather you drink your well water or not, it is very important to have a simple dirt / rust filter to prevent further damage caused by the buildup of sediment in your fixtures & pipes.


Well Tanks & Water Tanks

Well pumps and well tanks go hand in hand. Again, not all well tanks are the same either. There are specific models to match your specific well setup.

Some wells are "bleed back" wells, which require different tanks than usual well systems. Other systems use the air bladder filled well or water tank.

Again, we ONLY use the highest quality tanks on the market today. We use both Amtrol Well-X-Trol tanks and AO Smith Pump Pro tanks

Water Conditioning

We also offer installation services on water conditioning equipment. water softeners, water neutralizers, UV lights etc.

Our equipment of choice is Masters as they are again, the best in the business.

Have us come by and do a water test to determine what kind of equipment you actually need or don't need to ensure that the best water possible is coming out of your faucets.